About Us

We’re the school where frum men and women take the first steps toward their college education and professional career. 

An education tailored to your needs

Machon L’Parnasa, the Institute for Professional Studies, enrolls about 100 students in six associate's degree programs and one certificate program. Our classes are small and individualized, and our separate courses for men and women are offered during the afternoons, evenings, and on Sundays—allowing you to work or learn in yeshiva/seminary while earning your degree at the same time.

We accept students from all types of academic backgrounds. Whatever your secular education level—whether you have a high school diploma or still need to earn your GED; whether you have a strong command of the English language or not—coming to Machon is the first step towards reaching your professional goals.

Our history

Machon L’Parnasa—the Institute for Professional Studies—was founded in 1998 by Dr. Bernard Lander, a”h, who believed that every student, regardless of educational background, should be given the chance to receive a college education in an environment that understands and respects their frum standards.

Preparing you for a career

Depending on the program you choose—certificate, associate’s degree, or both—our courses will train you to enter the workforce right away or prepare you for a more advanced degree. Many of our students choose to continue their education and easily matriculate into Touro’s bachelor’s degree program at Lander College of Arts and Sciences, Lander College for Men, or Lander College for Women.

Supportive community

The hallmark of our program is the highly supportive, warm environment we offer to our students. We’ll be holding your hand along the way, giving you the one-on-one personal attention that’s uniquely Machon.