Paths to Success

As you earn your college degree, we’re here to cheer you on. 

At Machon, we treat every student like family. Our approach toward education? Students come first. From the first day you step foot into Machon until the day you graduate, and even afterwards, we’ll be here to support you with our one-on-one, personalized attention and assistance.

For students who come to Machon with little or no secular educational background, we offer many opportunities.

Take Yanky: He came from a chassidishe home, and didn’t have a valid high school diploma when he applied to Machon from Israel. We helped him study for and pass his GED, and assisted him in selecting courses in accounting. After graduating from Machon in 1997, he was offered an entry-level position. Now, he’s the head of a major organization, earning an impressive salary.

Miriam, who majored in digital multimedia design, now has her own graphic design business creating elegant wedding invitations and business cards.

Or Joe: At age seventeen, he came to Machon with a second-grade-level English education. After graduating from Machon in 2013, he continued on to Lander College of Arts and Sciences, where he graduated with a bachelor’s in 2015 while starting his own marketing company.  

At Machon, we’ll give you all the attention you need to help you reach your academic goals. Whether it’s figuring out what courses you need to graduate, offering job placement assistance, or just lending a listening ear, Mrs. Esther Braun and Mrs. Diana Yusufova are always here to guide you with their signature warmth, advice, and enthusiasm. And each of our highly esteemed professors, respected in their professions, are mentors as well.

After graduating from Machon L’Parnasa, students can choose to enter the workforce right away or continue their education at an advanced degree program, which is what most of our students do. These students—like Chaim, Machon ‘10, who graduated from Touro’s pharmacy school in September 2015—see the advantage of staying within the Touro network of schools, enjoying the same religious sensitivities and Jewish calendar.

Whichever path you choose, we are here to hold your hand and lead you on the way to your personal career dreams. We care: We’re family.