Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences

Our Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILA) major is a general, flexible associate in arts degree program that leads to a wide variety of career options. After earning this associate’s degree, you’ll be required to continue your education in a bachelor’s program in history, political science, ethnic studies, psychology, social work, speech, education, math, or health science.

Student advisors will help tailor this major to fit your needs depending on your future goals, but typically the major combines coursework for one broad subject area with in-depth courses in two specific aspects of the subject area. Examples of subject areas include the following:

  • American studies, with courses in history and political science;
  • The humanities, with courses in literature and history;
  • Interdisciplinary sciences, with courses in biology and chemistry;
  • Child development, with related courses in Education and Psychology;
  • General business, with related courses in accounting, economics, finance, management, or marketing.

Possible Career Paths:

  • Education: Miriam wanted to pursue Special-Education, so we helped her shape a Liberal Arts major. She took general courses in child development with in-depth courses in education and psychology. After graduating from Machon L’Parnasa, she went on to receive her Bachelor of Science and master’s degree. Now, she’s received state certification in Special Education and is an accomplished special-ed instructor for birth through sixth grade.
  • Another possible career path is in the health sciences. If you’re looking to become a speech therapist, physician assistant, or occupational therapist, or if you want to pursue any other program in the Touro College School of Health Sciences, this associate’s degree will help you get there.

REQUIREMENTS (totaling 60-70 credits):

  1. This major must include at least two 300-level courses and one 400-level course OR four 300-level courses.
  2. It also must consist of at least 32 credits of advanced courses (200-level or above) with a minimum of 15 or more credits in each of two subject areas.
  3. In addition to the 32 credits, there are typically several introductory prerequisite courses (100-level) in the relevant disciplines that are both required and that satisfy prerequisites for the advanced courses.
  4. Interdisciplinary degrees in General Business and other Business subject areas require a minimum of 15 or more credits (total of 32 credits) at 200-level or above in at least two business subjects other than the Concentration, distributed as three credits or more in each subject area.

See an advisor to help build this major.